What is Night Mode And How To Enable It On Your Android Device

Night mode on your Android device means reducing or blocking blue light spectrum that are actually harmful or bad for the eyes, especially when using your phone at night when there is high possibility of you using your phone in dark environment. This usually leads to eye strain, headache, poor sleep and poor health. Well, let’s take a let see how we can reduce or block this blue light spectrum by enabling night mode on our device.

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How To Enable Night Mode

On PC And iOS Devices

On your Personal Computers (laptops and desktops), you can install a software called f.lux. Apple and iOS device lovers can use the new Night Shift feature. Both of these  apps give your screen display a red tint to remove the blue light spectrum from your screen display, making it to be gentle on  the eyes in dark environments. It can appear a little awkward at first, but it won’t take long to get used to it. And once your eyes have adjusted, it’s actually pretty nice.

How To Enable Night Mode On Android

The thing is, many Android devices don’t have a built-in night mode feature. Don’t let that dampen your spirit, as we have a work around for those phones without the built-in night (this includes android nougat 7.0 as well).

Note: This was disabled in Android 7.1, so it only works in 7.0. 

Originally, Android Nougat 7.0 “Night Mode” was hidden in the System UI Tuner during the beta, but it was removed in the final version. The menu still exists, though but you will have to get your hands a little messy before you can have access.

First, you’ll need to enable system UI tuner. If you’ve already done this, skip down a little bit.
Pull down the notification shade twice, then long-press the cog (gear) icon. After a few seconds, you can release and it will spin. A wrench icon will then show up beside the cog, indicated the UI Tuner has been enabled.

Night mode

Now that you have enable system UI Tuner, head to Google Play and  install the Night Mode Enabler app.

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Once you are done with the app installation, open it and tap the “Enable Night Mode” button. It wil automatically open a new menu within the System UI Tuner and show a notification at the bottom of your screen that reads “Yay, you should now have a quick toggle for Night Mode available”. We are almost there now.

Night mode

Before adding the toggle, you can go ahead and turn on Night Mode to get a feel of it and  see what it’s all about. Take note that if you’re having issues getting it to work, tap the word “On” in the upper left, not the toggle on the right. The screen should immediately turn yellow.

Night mode

A more effective approach to Night Mode is to use the “Turn on automatically” toggle. This will use your device’s location to automatically turn on Night Mode as it gets dark outside. Like I mentioned earlier, it will also reduce the amount of blue light being filtered depending on the time of day. For example, the display will show a lighter shade of yellow around sunset, but will be much darker around midnight. You can also use night mode to set the brightness, just slide the “Adjust brightness” toggle.

You have seen why you need to enable night mode on your device and the health benefits of doing so. If your device don’t support this method, don’t worry as we will soon write about how to enable night mode on some popular apps like Google Chrome and Twitter.

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