How To Use UBA Chat Banking Leo On WhatsApp

After making the announcement last month, UBA Bank has finally launched its UBA Chat Banking bot popularly known as Leo for use on Whatsapp.

Now, for those who do not know, Leo is an artificial intelligence powered chatbot for banking, developed in partnership with Facebook Messenger. The chatbot aims to make it easy for UBA customers to complete transactions via social media.

Uba chat banking

With Leo, users can open new bank accounts, check their account balances, buy airtime, and make funds transfers without extra charge.

The UBA chat banking bot also makes it easy for customers to initiate loan requests, cheque confirmations, bill payment, account freezing and instant notifications on transactions.

All these are facilitated via social media and Leo used authenticated transaction via one-time-passwords (OTPs) sent to customers.

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All these features will now be easily-accessed via Whatsapp as users can now access banking services on the go and on a platform that they are already familiar with.

How To Use UBA Chat Banking (Leo) On Whatsapp

To use UBA Chat Banking bot (LEO), customers can follow this link to initiate the chatbot on Whatsapp.

I believe many scammers might want to use this to their advantage so I’m going to tell
you how to know UBA’s Chat Banking Leo On Whatsapp. First off the account is
verified –

Verified UBA Chat Banking Leo


That alone is enough for you to know the account is legitimate. Also when you first use
the chat banking on whatsapp, you already have a pre-written text on the message bar
Hi Leo
All you have to do is send the message

Verified UBA Chat Banking Leo

To avoid scammers and fraudsters, please take note that Leo will never ask for sensitive account details like Bank Verification Number (BVN), Debit card Number and CVV number. Make you check for the verified button on Leo’s profile and also beware of fraudulent links and dubious redirects.

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