How to Boot Tecno Droipad 7D Android Nougat To Safe Mode

Booting your android device into safe mode implies powering up your device without any third-party application. In safe mode, your android device will load

with only its native applications, that is, applications that came pre-installed with your phone.

If you are experiencing crashes, malware attacks, freezes or even battery life issues, safe mode allows you to troubleshoot your device. Just boot to safe mode and see if the issue still persists. From safe mode, you can uninstall any 3rd party app found to be the source of the of  the misbehavior.

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Booting Into Safe Mode

To boot your Tecno droipad 7D and other MTK Android devices into safe mode is a easy process, doesn’t require any technical skills and can be done in within minutes. Just follow the 3 steps listed below;

Android Safe mode

  • Press and hold the power button just as if you want to power off your android device.

Tecno 7D safe mode

  • When you see the normal shut down/reboot device option, press and hold reboot and until you see a prompt.

Tecno Driopad 7D Safe mode

How to turn on Safe mode on a stock Android device

For Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL, a Nexus device, or any other stock Android smartphone or tablet, then the process for turning on Safe mode is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Tap and hold Power off.
  3. When the Reboot to safe mode prompt appears, tap OK.

Your device will then restart and it will say “Safe mode” in the bottom-left corner. This method also works for LG and Sony phones.

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How to turn on Safe mode on a Samsung Galaxy

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, a Galaxy S6, or another Samsung Galaxy device, then the process for turning on Safe mode is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Power button and select Power off to turn your device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power button, until you see the animated Samsung logo appear.
  3. Release the Power button, and press and hold the Volume down button.
  4. Keep holding it until your device boots up.
  5. You can let go when you see the words “Safe mode” in bottom-left corner.

This method also works for HTC and Motorola phones.

You can uninstall problematic apps and use your phone’s core functions while in Safe mode. Whenever you’re ready, a simple restart will get things back to normal.

Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

While in safe mode, the words “Safe Mode” will appear at the bottom of your screen.

In safe mode, you’ll only have access to the apps that came with your device. Apps you’ve installed will be disabled and any widgets you’ve added to your home screens won’t be present. Try using your device normally after booting into safe mode. If your issue – freezing, rebooting, crashes, battery life issues, or bad performance – is solved in Safe Mode, the problem is with a third-party app you’ve installed.

While apps are disabled, you can uninstall them normally. Open the Settings screen, tap Apps, locate the app you want to install, tap it, and tap the Uninstall button. if you’ve installed any apps recently, you should probably try uninstalling those apps first.

After uninstalling the apps, you can try installing them one at a time to identify which app is causing you problems.

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If you’re experiencing major problems with your device, you may want to skip all the troubleshooting and restore your device to its factory default settings. You’ll lose all the data on your device – so make sure you have everything backed up – and you’ll have to reinstall any apps you’ve installed. To do this, open the Settings screen, tap Backup & reset, tap Factory data reset, and follow the instructions on your screen.

To exit safe mode, restart your device normally. (Long-press the power button, select Power Off, and then long-press the power button again to turn it back on.) Your Android phone or tablet will boot and load third-party software as normal.

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