Grand market Square: Representing Ndi-Igbo on the Cyberspace

The Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria is one of the three major ethnic groups spearheading the existence of Nigeria within the country and across its borders. The Hausas’ and Yorubas’

are the last two as all other 206 minor ethnic groups are categorized behind these three groups.

Grand market square

Ndi-Igbo; inhabiting the resourceful south-eastern geographical area of Nigeria can be found in various top spaces around the country and globally doing just fine and so many of them are heading these fields to achieve greater heights.

Therefore, the Igbos are playing a major role in various fields around the world; Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Politics, Technology, Entertainment industries like Sports, Comedy, Music and Movies and so on.

Unfortunately, the presence of this blessed and important ethnic group is not properly represented in the cyberspace.

Here comes in Grand market square –

Grand Market Square is an online publishing platform that its focus is to mirror the typical big market in Igboland and project it to the cyberspace effectively.

The platform is a commercial, social and cultural cybervillage square for Ndi-Igbo located at home and abroad.  At Grand Market Square, you will see how the various individuals of the Igbo ethnic group are prospering around Nigeria and the whole world.

Grand market square publishes immediately and directly usable, transformational and transactional news very precious to Ndi-Igbo.

Also, GMS provides an ultimate business directory for all types of business ventures found and located around the 5 south-eastern states in Nigeria. By so doing we help promote entrepreneurship and small businesses owned and managed by Igbos.

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With GMS, a typical Igbo man living both at home and abroad can have a go-to website to read about his ethnic group and how his other Igbo brothers are doing around the world.

GMS is counting on your support to project our goals further. Let’s permanently crest the presence of our land on the cyberspace.

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