4 Ways To Fast Charge Your Android Smartphone

Everybody wants a smartphone with fast charge capability. But in this part of the world, having a stable power supply is still a mirage and and power is available for a limited time.

Sometimes you may be late for an event say, a lecture but your phone is down and you would like to quickly charge it before leaving. Here is are 4 rules on how to fast charge your device to get to a reasonable percentage in a few minutes.

Rule #1: Use a good and powerful charger

For most Android smart phones a 5.0v~2.A charger is powerful enough but it depends on your battery capacity. A battery higher than  3000 mAh should use a charger with a higher voltage rating.

Fast -charging a devices has no  negative effects on battery life (circuits controlling modern batteries are well optimized for fast charging).

Rule #2: Activate airplane mode

Staying connected to a cellular network drains the battery life and slows down the charging time. Activating airplane mode on the device reduces its power consumption. On the average, most devices charge  twice faster when  in airplane mode than in normal mode.

Rule #3: Remove any phone cases

It is a well known fact that an decrease in battery temperature is inversely proportional to an increase in charge time, leading to overheating. Forgive the me for the science jargons. Now let me break it down a bit. Warm batteries have a longer charge time than cool battery. So what will make your battery warm when charging?

Thick rubber cases, because batteries charge slower when they get  warmer, It’s would be a nice idea to to remove the rubber cover and place the phone in a cool spot, preferably on the floor while it’s charging.

Rule #4: Leave the device alone while‎ it’s charging

If you’re sure you plugged it in properly resist the  usual temptation to check how it’s charging every few minutes, because every time you activate the display you’re increasing power consumption and slowing down charging

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