How to stop Facebook App from auto playing videos

Facebook app by default, is set to automatically play videos. This can be annoying and data consuming, especially for those of us on low data budget.

To reduce data charges and save battery life, we recommend turning this auto play feature off on your Facebook app. But how can we really turn this auto play feature off on our Facebook app? We are going to do this by following this tutorial step by step.

What to do.

1. Open your Facebook app and click on the option box, i.e the box at the far left corner just below the notification bar.

Facebook app autoplay

2. Scroll down and select app settings.

Facebook app autoplay

3. Select the autoplay option.

Facebook app autoplay

4. You can now see that by default, the app was set to automatically play videos through WiFi and mobile data connections.

Facebook app autoplay

The choice is now yours to either let your app auto play videos only on WiFi connections or never auto play. But i will recommend never auto play option because of data charges, battery life and also the liberty to choose what you want to watch on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy reading this Post from tech’s Blog. In case your are having any difficulty disabling this auto play feature on your Facebook app, please don’t forget to use the comment box and we will be glad to help you. Also, don’t forget to like and share. Do have a lovely day.


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