How to Convert PDF into Word with Your iPhone

Nowadays, more and more people are using PDF file format. And why is that, you are probably wondering?

PDFs are the best file type that can be shared with anyone and the way it is structured. It doesn’t matter if you open your PDF file on the computer, iPhone or iPad, it will still look the same. Also, the same goes for operating systems, PDF will always look the same. Some other benefits of this file type are that you can’t alter any metadata and it can be password protected.

But if you look things from the other side, you will notice that it’s difficult to edit PDF. Not even some small changes, like changing the date in the body of the file. If someone sends you a Word file, you could easily change the data in it, when you are finished, just save the document and there you have it. But that is not when you are dealing with PDF.

In order to avoid retyping and making a new document from the scratch, we use converter apps to help us out. One such app was suggested to us and it is called PDF to Word Converter app. This app allows you to convert successfully PDFs into an editable Word document. And that can be done in a just a few steps.

Before moving on to these steps, let’s take a peek at features that this app has:

  • Great conversion quality
  • Unlimited conversions, no limits on file size either
  • OCR technology enables conversion of scanned PDFs
  • Convert files from Gmail attachments, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Onedrive
  • Converted images, tables and text remain the same

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How to use PDF to Word Converter app

PDF to Word Converter app has very intuitive and clean user interface, where everything is at the tip of the thumb. You can select the file for conversion from various services like Gmail, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

PDF to word services

For this testing, Gmail attachments were chosen. After tapping on Gmail icon, you are required to input Sign-in information for your Gmail account. After that, all available PDFs are automatically listed, which is useful because you don’t need to list emails and search for files.

PDF to word


Then, just select the file that you want to convert and the file upload will start. You need to keep the app open until the file is uploaded. Then you will see that your file is converting and you can close the app in order to save your battery.

PDF to word file upload

The files are uploaded to Cometdocs conversion servers, where the conversion is performed automatically. When the conversion is finished, files will be deleted instantly from the server and you will get the notification that your files are in your app, ready to be edited.

PDF to word final notification

And now you have successfully converted a PDF to Word file. Now you have a choice to edit a file that was previous uneditable.

Overall, PDF to Word Converter app is a useful app that will save you a lot of effort when dealing with PDFs. It is a very straight-to-the-point app, with not many fancy options, but it does what is supposed to do. In the end, you will get an editable Word file that looks identically as the original file. If you found it useful, try it out!



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