How To Move to Canada Without IELTS

move to canada without IELTS

Victor Ola, a Nigerian living in Canada has been supporting people to join him in Canada since he relocated over a decade now. He has been able to prove that the IELTS exam is not needed to study, work in Canada and travel agents are not needed to get Visa approval.

His journey to helping people move to Canada started when he went to Canada for his studies and discovered that many people have been getting it all wrong. He has had a lot of experiences and has even gotten into the hands of scammers, hence, his fight against using travel agents to process your Canadian visa application process.

How To Move to Canada Without IELTS

Victor Ola conducts a free webinar training where he teaches people how to apply to study in Canada by themselves without wasting money on IELTS or other things. He was also opportune to study for free in Canada; with his knowledge of how to get fully funded scholarships to study in Canada, he has changed many people’s stories.

Here are a few testimonies from some of his students:

One of his students, Mr Hassan got admission to study at Thompson Rivers University. Below is his testimony:

Move to canada

Another Student named Michael Ayibasa was thankful after he supported him to study in Regina University

How to move to canada

Contrary to what you’ve always heard about moving to Canada with your family, it is actually not difficult if you know what you are doing. Victor Ola is holding a  free webinar training and you will learn how to move to Canada for your studies either individually or with your family if you join the free webinar here and see many more student who has successfully relocated === > 

Victor Ola is all about doing it yourself. All the information you need to do it yourself is in his free webinar. Some of the things you will learn at the webinar includes but is not limited to the following:

  • How to find Canadian scholarship opportunities and apply
  • How to write a statement of purpose that would convince them at the Canadian embassy
  • How to discover the Canadian schools that don’t require IELTS
  • How to get an English Proficiency Letter from your university
  • How to travel to Canada alone or with your family

Click this link to register for the free webinar now == >

This TRAINING will show you most Reliable and Shortest Way To Live, Study, Work Permanently and move to Canada without writing IELTS exam or paying huge money to Travel Agent

All your questions and concerns about this reliable pathway will be answered in the Video class so watch till the end because you’ll get my WhatsApp number. Click on this link to know more == >

This will work for you only if you are between Age 18 to 50, you need minimum of WAEC/NECO/ND/NCE/KCSE/Grade 12 or equivalent as minimum requirement, You don’t need WES evaluation or any form of ECA for this Study-Work-Permanent Residence Pathway and you don’t need to know someone in Canada. Join my webinar training now by Clicking on this link == >

The best time to start your relocation process to Canada is now, The longer you wait, the harder it becomes!!! A word they say is enough for the wise.

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