5 Best Apps To Watch Live EPL Matches in Nigeria

5 Best Apps To Watch Live EPL Matches in Nigeria

Most people want to watch live EPL matches (English Premier League) especially as the EPL is back after being halted for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have already seen some exciting matches despite the empty stands.

The official 2020/2021 Premier League football calendar is out and there are a lot of  exciting EPL games to watchout for.

With the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the World, football viewing centers are not opened and if you don’t have a DSTV decoder or any Pay Per View Tv receiver at home, you would only hear the scores without watching the Game or have to do with just the highlights. Today, we are going to share with you, how watch Live EPL matches right on your mobile device. Join us.

How To Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone

On a more serious note, do you know you can watch EPL matches right from your mobile phone with these Android or iPhone Apps for free?


Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone with mobdro

Mobdro is an android application that searches for free video streams online and brings them to your Android smartphone or tablet for your viewing pleasure. You can stream EPL matches. Mobdro is not available on PlayStore, but you can download the app from the developer official site.

Live Football TV

Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone with Live Football TV

Live Football TV application is a totally free app for football lovers who never want to miss any action no matter where they are. This is an easy to use App which offers live stream for all football matches including EPL matches. Live Football TV Application is available for download on Google Playstore.


Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone with WSS

World Sports Stream is a live sports streaming application. It offers users a selection of online TV channels such as Sky Sports, BTSport and ESPN. I know you are aware that Sky Sports shows the EPL. WSS is not available on Play Store. Hence the need to be careful when you download the APK.


Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone with MobiKora

MobiKORA is an application to watch football matches online and for free on your Android. The only downside to this app is that the language is Arabic and you may not enjoy the match if you do not understand Arabic. You don’t really have to worry about this because you’ll soon get familiar with the app. When you get used to it, Just click on any of the EPL matches and choose where you want to watch them. MobiKORA is not available on Google Playstore, but can be downloaded from Malvida.

Vola Sports

Watch Live EPL Matches On Your Phone with Vola Sports

Are you looking for amazing android for sports television channels, Vola Sports is one of the best apps for you, you can access thousands of sports channel easily including channels where you can watch the EPL. Like WSS, VolaSport is not available on Google Playstore. But you can download it from Malavida.


We hope you will find this 5 Best app to watch live EPL Matches In Nigeria useful. If you encounter any problem while trying to watch live EPL matches with any of these apps, do well to let us know and we promise to help you sort it out. While you are enjoying your live matches, see other topics that might interest you.

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