4 Easy Steps To Make Your Smart Phone Last Longer

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Making our smartphone last longer is very important. Especially for those of us who make use of expensive smart devices.

The reason why there are a lot of damaged phones out there today is because most people are so carefree with their smart phones. They usually don’t pay any attention to their maintenance at all.

This has led to pocket drain for most individuals as the cost of repairing either a cracked screen, replacing a dead battery or getting a new smartphone is now on the high side.

Today, Tech’s Blog  is going to share a 4 easy steps and practical guide on smartphone maintenance and how to make yours last longer

We’re super excited to share the details with you. Keep reading!!!

4 Easy Steps To Make Your SmartPhone Last Longer

Most of us already  know how important it is for us to maintain such smart devices, and the need for them to be running smoothly. Here is a list of 4 easy steps to make our smartphone last longer.

Screen protector is a must have

easy steps to protect mobile phone screen

Screen protector, AKA Screen guard should be the first first phone accessory to install on your phone immediately you bring it out from it pack. The term “Screen Protector” just as the name implies will “protect” your phone from unexpected cracks and scratches, and also protect your phone screen when it falls.

A Protective Phone Case Should Not Be Underestimated

easy steps to protect your phone

Many people often underestimate the importance of covering their with a protective case. Let us tell you why your phone need one, protective phone case act as a cushion and protect your phone from breaking and cracking especially when it falls.

We humans can also be really clumsy sometimes, and this can also affect how we handle our smart phone. This is very bad. Get your phone a jacket to protect it from falls, scratch and our clumsiness today.

Keep Your Phone Away From Water And Extreme Heat

easy steps to protect iPhone

Despite the fuss about water resistant phones, am sure you know that not all phones are water resistant. Allowing your phone to fall into water or leaving your phone in moist environment can actually ruin it forever! However, if that happens you can dry it out with a blow dryer or take it to a qualified technician for repairs. I bet you might not be lucky all the time. Same applies to keeping your phone in extremely hot environment or leaving your phone in a parked car on a sunny day.

Keep your phone clean!

easy steps to clean your phone

By keeping your phone clean, am not talking about washing it with warm soapy water. Please don’t do that. Even if you have a water resistant phone. This is dangerous as the the chemicals contained in the soap can still damage your phone components.

When you want to clean your phone you can do that with either a clean soft fluffy towel, cotton wool or wipes. A little methyl alcohol popularly called spirit in Nigeria would do. Avoid the use of soaps or any harsh cleaning solvents, these can cause irreparable damage to your phone circuitry. Gently wipe your phone because of dirt and germs . You don’t know what surfaces you might have dropped it and the dirt it must have accumulated. So clean that up.

These are some of the very basic and easy steps for you to maintain and clean your devices. Try these out first, and maybe you just might be ready for the next steps. If you like to share other ways you care for your smartphone, do well to use the comment box or contact us using any of our contact channels. We love to hear from you.

Till then, enjoy these with love from Tech’s Blog.

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