How To Delete Your FaceBook Account Permanently

Have you lost faith completely in Facebook? Or you want to disappear completely from the face of the Earth? If your answer to both questions above is yes, then this post is for you. Well, fret not, as you’re about to learn how to permanently delete your Facebook account without losing your data.

First thing first; make sure to backup all your personal files or data that you’ve stored on Facebook. By this, I mean photo, video or post. Now, you have to understand that Facebook allows users to download copies of their photos, videos and other uploaded files/data shared on the social network.

Backup All Your Personal Files On Facebook:

Delete your facebook

To do this, open Facebook app on your phone/browser and go to ‘settings’. Now, having done that, in the ‘General’ tab, just bellow ‘Manage your account’, you’ll find ‘Download your information’.

From here, you can download a copy of your information to keep or to transfer to another service.

However, for security reasons, Facebook will request for your password. You’ll have to tender this in order to prove your ownership of the said account. So, you just follow the on-screen prompt. Once done, Facebook will generate an archive of your personal data. This archive  will be sent to your link Email address within 24 hours or less when it’s ready.

Next, open your mail account. There you’ll see that you have received an Email from Facebook saying, “Your download is ready”. Just open the mail and click on the link at the bottom. This will re-direct you to the page where you can download your personal archives. Just click on “Download archive” and re-enter your password.

Finally, your posted data will be downloaded in a file format which you can extract anytime from your system.

Removing Apps and Services.

Now, before going ahead and deleting your account altogether, you should first unlink all the apps and services that were linked to your Facebook account.

This is basically an extra step to making sure that you’ve deleted all the data that you would have shared with the apps and services you used.

So moving ahead, open ‘Settings’, and on the left you’ll see an ‘app setting’ option. Click on it and you’ll see all the apps that you’ve been using, and are linked with that account. Just hover around each of them and click on the ‘x’ icon to remove them. And do note that you can’t remove all of these apps at once, so you have to do the process neutrally for each app.


How To Delete Your Facebook Account.

Now that you’ve backed up your data and removed all of the apps and services that are linked to your Facebook account, the next line of action is to delete your Facebook account.

Again, open ‘Settings’ and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a ‘Help’ option, click on it. On the next page under managing your account, click on ‘Deactivating or Deleting your account’.


Having done that, expand the fourth option from the list of options present on the screen. Click on ‘Let us know’. This will redirect to the final step where you’ll finally click on ‘delete my account’, and a pop-up asking for your password will show up. Enter it and hit ‘ok’.

Following the above simple steps you have just deleted your Facebook account. Bear in mind that your account can only be deactivated for 14 days, after which if you don’t log in, your account will be finally deleted permanently.

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