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How To Transfer Airtime To A Different Network With *931#

Do you know you can now transfer airtime from network to another different easily and seamlessly without any delay? Well, I for once was like you. I never imagined this feat would ever be possible with the rivallry and competition between the big wigs in the Nigerian telecommunication industry.

With CreditSwitch, you can now transfer airtime, credit or whatever you call it from Glo to MTN, 9Mobile or Airtel and vice versa. Before going further beyond this point, let’s take a cursory look at CreditSwitch and how to make use of this amazing platform to transfer airtime between 2 different networks or as the grammarians would put it, inter-network airtime transfer.

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What Is CreditSwitch?

Transfer airtime with *931#

CreditSwitch limited is an international mobile top up company, created to simplify the sale and distribution of airtime globally. CreditSwitch limited was established in 2016. The new airtime transfer platform from CreditSwitch allow mobile phone users to transfer credit irrespective of their network provider.

The fact that you can only share your airtime with only those on the same network operator platform is outdated, boring and even frustrating these days. Imagine this scenario. Having a dual sim or 2 phones is a common trend these days largely due to poor network and internet connectivity. Now, you have more than enough airtime on a particular network and low airtime on the other one. Instead of buying more airtime to credit the network that is low, you now have the option of transferring to the one with lower credit. Still wondering how this can be possible? Read further let’s see how.

How To Transfer Airtime To A Different Network Through USSD With CreditSwitch.

Transferring airtime credit from your network to another network through this USSD code *931# with CreditSwitch has never been this easy, and it works on any mobile phone regardless of the operating system (Android, iOS, Blackberry). There is no need to download any app, though a service fee of #10 is applicable per transfer. Personally, I will say the transfer fee is worth it especially for large amounts. Join me as I quickly perform a transfer so we can learn together.

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First things first, simply dial this short USSD code *931# on the sim you want to transfer from initiate the transfer process.

As a first time user, reply with 6 to change your default transfer PIN. The default PIN for every new user is 0000.

transfer airtime to different sim change pin

After you have successfully changed your default PIN, reply with 0 to go back to the main menu. From the main menu, reply with 3 for airtime swap.

transfer airtime to different sim change pin

Now, enter the beneficiary’s number (the receiver number that is using another network.) Then hit the send button.

Transfer airtime

Finally, select the amount that you want to transfer, enter your PIN and send.

Congratulations!!! you have successfully transferred airtime from your mobile phone to another different network. Feel free to comment your opinion or any difficulty if you have any.

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