How to get over 20GB free data on MyMTN app

MyMTN mobile app is the company’s smartest way to access your MTN Services. MTN in it season of freebies is giving out 500mb to new users of MyMTN app. But we are going to show you how to extend this to over 20GB of free data.

What is MyMTN mobile app?

MyMTN APP is an all in one self care app that gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manage your data usages and subscribe to products and services from your mobile device, all on-the- go.

With MyMTN App, Everything is now a touch away. Download now and take charge of your account management. MTN is in the season of giving out the freebies and data for surfing and downloading from the internet, and guess what? We all can partake from the awesome deals. Say hello to MyMTN app!

How to get over 20GB of Free data on MyMTN mobile app?

1. Make sure you have not used the MTN SIM to register on MyMTN app before following below steps.

Free data on mymtn app step 1

2. Download MyMTN Mobile App on playstore and register on it. Then, you will be given FREE 500MB.

Use auto clicker to get free data on mymtn app step 2

NOTE: On top of the app, they will tell you to claim the 500MB but do not claim it yet.

3. Now, download Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap on Playstore, available for Android 7.0 Nougat and above, but if your Android version is below that, simply download any available and working Auto clicker.

4. Now, give permission to the Auto-clicker app and open the MyMTN app and place the auto-clicker on the “CLICK TO CLAIM 500MB” link and leave it to auto-click it before the link goes off.

With the help of the auto-clicker, you can get up to 30GB or more. It depends on how fast you click on it. Meanwhile, you can also click on it with speed without auto-clicker app.

Free data validity on MyMTN mobile app

MyMTN mobile app free data is valid for 24 hours. You can find more SIMs that have not been used to register on MyMTN app and activate as many data as you like at any time. But there are reports that the data lasts longer than 24 hours. You can give that a try, but it is not guaranteed.

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