Xenforo Installation and Setup on Localhost

Xenforo localhost

XenForo is a PHP-based forum hosting program for communities that is designed to be deployed on a remote web server. It’s similar to other web-based forum software like phpBBvBulletin, YaBB, and Simple Machines Forum.

 How to install Xenforo on Localhost

Running Xenforo website on localhost is the best and safest way to make changes and test run various themes, addons and plugins without making major changes on your webserver, and your actual web page. This is a forum script written in php and can be installed on your your local machine. To do that you will need the following.


web browser
winrar or winzip
Xenforo Script
A computer
Your Brain

Server Setup and Configuration

Open XAMPP control panel and click start for MySQL and Apache, still on XAMPP control panel,

click on MySQL Admin. this will open your default web browser and will take you to PhpMyadmin page.

Click new to create a new database. Input the name of the database (any name of your choice) but for the sake of this tutorial, am using allspired as our database name.

Now extract the script using winrar or winzip. After extracting, rename the “upload” folder to xenforo or any name of your choice.

Copy the renamed “upload” folder to c:/XAMPP/htdocs directory. Goto your web browser and type localhost/xenforo or what ever you renamed the “upload” folder to on your address bar. This will take you to the Xenforo installation page. Select begin installation.

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Xenforo Configuration

Input the following details on the configuration builder page:

  • MySQL server: Localhost
  • Port: 3306
  • Username: root
  • Password: leave blank
  • Database name: allspired or the name of the database you created.

Click on test and generate configuration.

On the next page, click on Begin installation and wait for installation to complete.

Xenforo Setup

Input your preferred admin username, password and email on the administrator setup and click create administrator. This is done when the installation is complete.

Customize your forum by inputting your board name, contact email and click setup options.

Your forum is now set. My next post will be on how to customize your xenforo forum by installing themes, addons and plugins.

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