Dark Mode Now On Chrome For Android

Dark Mode is one of the latest addition to Chrome desktop browser on both Mac and Windows, but it’s also available on Android.
Enabling dark mode on chrome for android is not quite as straightforward as other platforms. This is so because it is currently tucked behind a flag. Here’s how to enable it.

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How To Enable Dark Mode On Chrome For Android

But you even think of enabling this feature on your chrome for android, you’ll need to make sure Chrome is updated in the Play Store. The version should be at least 74. Here is how to check the version of chrome you are using.

How To Check Chrome For Android Version Number.

To check the version number of chrome for android, just tap the menu icon (3 vertical dots on the top or bottom right). Click on Settings > About Chrome.

Chrome for android dark mode

If you don’t have 74 yet, this won’t work. It’s rolling out in stages through the Play Store, but you can also sideload the APK if you’re not into playing the waiting game.

Once everything is updated, open Chrome and type the following in the URL bar:

Chrome for android dark modeChrome for android dark mode

Tap the dropdown, and set it to “Enabled.” Hit the button at the bottom to restart your browser.

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Once Chrome re-opens, tap the menu button and jump back into Settings. There should be a new option called “Dark Mode” or “Theme” (Only available in Chrome Dev) in the root menu.

Chrome for android dark mode

If the option doesn’t show up for you, you’ll need to close Chrome and open it again. Just tap the recents button and swipe it away, then re-launch it. If it still doesn’t show up, close Chrome and clear app cache. Then reboot your phone. The option should be there after that.

Chrome for android dark mode

The Dark Mode menu entry is pretty straightforward: just toggle it to on. And it is enabled.

Chrome for android dark mode

One thing you should note is that this is behind a flag for obvious reasons: it’s still under development and should be used with extreme caution. For example, the tabs button is only a few shades lighter than the rest of the UI, making it a bit difficult to read.

Chrome Dev for android is already on version 75 and this option appears as theme under setting, and it can be set to dark mode automatically when the power save option is activated.

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