5 Ways To Identify A Fake Infinix Note 3 2017-07-24

5 Ways To Identify A Fake Infinix Note 3

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Fake Infinix Note 3 has already saturated the market, it looks almost exactly like the real Infinx Note 3. I can’t really imagine how you will feel after buying a smartphone with a huge amount of money then you go back home only for you to discover that what you bought is phone that is good for nothing. To avoid stories  that touch, we wrote this post so you can differentiate between the original infinix note 3 and the fake one.

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How to identify a fake infinix Note 3

1. Sensor position is different from the real one.
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2. No SD card port in the fake one
Fake infinix note 3

3. Finger print sensor for the fake is non functional

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4. Charging port is located at the top of the fake infinix note 3

5. Accessories for the fake include

Charger, Earpiece, Screen guard and an extra USB cord. To be on the safe side, make sure you purchase your phone from an approved and recognized phone shop.

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