Glo 8X Bonus Offer – How To Get It 2017-07-20

Glo 8X Bonus Offer – How To Get It

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Telecom giant Glo Nigeria just launched the Glo 8X bonus offer, and it’s available to both new and existing prepaid customers. To be eligible you have to recharge your line via any of the Glo etop up channels like :

Glo 8X bonus
Glo Café App.
Online –, Quickteller, Konga, banking apps, etc.
Gloworld, Glozones and authorized Glo dealer outlets.
*805# Glo easy recharge solution.
Various bank mobile apps and short codes. POS terminals in select retail mega stores such as Shoprite, Kada Plaza and Mall of America.

How can you be eligible for this offer?

You will only be eligible for the Glo 8X bonus when you recharge with the exact amounts listed below and you can only use the Glo 8X bonus for calls within Nigeria. International calls will be charged to your main account.

For instance, for any recharge of N1001 , you get :
N1001 in your main account,
N500 to call all networks,
N4500 to call other Glo numbers,
250MB data and
free 100mb data which you can gift to another Glo customer.

All local calls and data usage will be charged to your main account and any unused balances in your 8X account will be gone once your 8X Bonus validity days expire.

However, the 8Xbonus validity days will be extended each time you recharge your account, depending on the top-up value. For example: N201 E-top up will increase your 8X bonus validity by 7 days while N2,001 E-top up will increase your Glo 8X bonus validity by 30 days.

Glo 8X offer is exclusively available on Glo E-top up. Recharges made through any other means including *123*PIN# or *323*PIN# will not get the offer.

Also, airtime received through EasyShare or Borrow me credit do not qualify for this offer.

When a Glo Bumpa customer who recharges with N201, he will get the 8X bonus but will not receive the 200% bumpa bonus. If the same customer recharges with N400, he will get the 200% bumpa bonus but will not receive the 8X bonus.

To Check your Glo 8X Bonus account, Simply dial #122*40# .

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